Exhaust Systems

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    BBM Akustik Technologie, Germany is one of the leading suppliers of complete exhaust systems. We offer the whole package: design, engineering, fabrication, assembly – worldwide.

    We design for a wide range of heavy duty gas turbines for the highest acoustic requirements with optimized pressure loss and limited heat transfer and at the same time we all constantly improving quality and price level.
    Most of our design work is executed in house, static and mechanical design, FEM, pressure loss, thermal and CFD calculations.

  • Features


    Our scope of supply includes:

    • Expansion Joints
    • Exhaust plenums
    • Diffusor
    • Exhaust ducts
    • Internal insulation (thermal and acoustic), outside insulation
    • Diverter (in cooperation)
    • Support structure
    • Silencers
    • Stacks
    • Platforms , ladders, controls other accessories

    We offer and guarantee for our projects the static and mechanical design, the acoustic for the whole system, optimized flow and pressure loss, all project execution in house, time planning and control, fabrication most done in our own workshops, quality controlled products and a complete project documentation.

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