Resilient Mountings with KSD®

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    A high-quality, double-elastic mounting is easily possible with KSD®-Elements and KSD® Compact-elements. These elements are used where the insulating effect of a single-elastic mounting on rubber or spring elements is insufficient. A typical application would be, for example, where machines are situated above offices, living rooms and bedrooms, or in cinemas and concert halls.

    KSD Manual (PDF)
    KSD Compact (PDF)

  • Features


    A double-elastic mounting on traditional insulating elements can only be carried out by installing a heavy concrete intermediate foundation. KSD®-Elements, however, achieve a comparable effect without the need for any intermediate mass, resulting in less weight, a lower construction height and reduced costs.

    KSD®-Elements insulate vibration and structure-borne noise Clearly more efficient than rubber or steel springs, KSD®-Elements prevent the transmission of intrusive vibrations and structure-borne noise into buildings.

    KSD®-Elements protect from noise

    • The transmission of structure-borne noise in machine systems is reduced and adjacent rooms are protected. Noise levels which can be harmful to health and the environment are therefore reduced significantly.

    KSD®-Elements absorb shocks

    • KSD®-Elements absorb external shocks and vibrations, thus protecting sensitive equipment and system

    KSD®-Elements in use:

    • Elevator support
    • Combined heat and power plant
    • Support of air conditioning units on the upper floor
    • Support of air conditioning units on the roof of an office building
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