Inline Silencer

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    Mile-long pipes, that transport gas, represent the major source of noise in many industries. The noise is generated by control valves, compressors or fans located inside of the pipe. To reduce pipe radiated noise efficiently, one must insert an inline silencer into the pipe. This inline silencer must be able to "block" the transmission of both the gas-born noise propagating inside the pipe and the structure born noise propagating as vibration in the pipe wall.

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  • Features


    Your advantages:

    • Wide range of applicability in pipe engineering and in related fields
    • Use of woven fabric as a sound absorbing material allows easy cleaning
    • High passage velocity
    • Availability in all practical diameters and for all practical static pressure ranges
    • Small, compact construction and high acoustic performance
    • High structure-born attenuation along the silencer wall
    • Highly cost effective system noise control solution by mounting multi stage throttling devices in front of the silencer
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