Cooling Tower Silencers

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    BBM Akustik Technologie supplies silencers for water re-cooling systems based on wet or dry cooling, fresh-water cooling or any combinations of these. These silencers are used in cooling towers that work by natural draught or by forced air. Moreover, we provide the design and supply of noise barriers for cooling towers.
    In natural draught wet-cooling towers the noise is caused mainly by the impact of the cooling water falling on the surface of the water basin. The spectral components are usually above 500 Hz. In the case of fan-operated wet-cooling towers, the fan is the dominant source of noise in the frequency range up to 500 Hz. Depending on the level, the spectral distribution of the noise and the distance to the nearest residential area, the noise is most efficiently attenuated by barriers up to 15 dB or by splitter type silencers up to 40 dB.

    Sound protection hoods for the fan drive units complete the product range for noise control measures in cooling towers.

    Our silencer design, with respect to acoustic and fluidic design, represents a balanced compromise between the initial cost and subsequent operating costs. BBM Akustik Technologie has several testing labs, as well as the most modern measuring, analysing and data processing equipment, to optimise both the acoustic and aerodynamic performance of our cooling tower silencers. The know-how gained from numerous delivered projects enables us to implement the highest acoustic requirements.

    The splitter silencers for cooling towers are manufactured at our plant in Germany using state-of-the-art equipment. The splitter frames are usually made of salt-water resistant aluminium in unibody construction for heights up to 12 m. The necessary static and dynamic stability of the silencer is obtained by optimal forming and by connecting several splitters to create a very stable splitter block.

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  • Features


    What’s in it for you?:

    • Acoustic design of the silencer or noise barrier
    • Optimisation of silencers’ pressure loss and acoustic requirements under economic aspects
    • Structural design, CFD and FEM calculations on request
    • Verification of attenuation and of pressure loss in our testing labs
    • Access to the full know-how of the Müller-BBM Group
    • Manufactured in Germany at our own workshop
    • Mounting included on request
    • Site coordination, monitoring and management according to the highest safety standards
    • Supervision of your mounting or (if required) your manufacturing procedures
    • Technical support with acceptance procedures
    • Guarantee on acoustic and aerodynamic performance
    • Complete documentation according to your requirements
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