Blow-off and steam vent silencers

BBM Akustik Technologie, Germany is one of the leading suppliers for blow-off and steam vent silencers. We offer the whole range of silencers for all kinds of blow-off, vent and other release processes:

  • Safety valve silencers
  • Vent silencers
  • Start-up silencers
  • Snort valve silencers
  • Control valve silencers
  • Natural gas silencers
  • Special solutions

Our silencers can be found in many industries; on HRSG boilers, all kinds of fired boilers, and all types of power plants. For temporary applications (e.g. steam purging of pipes before plant start-up), we provide suitable blow-off silencers for rent.

Product brochure (PDF)


The comprehensive range of our projects:

  • Acoustic design and optimisation
  • 3-D (CAD) model engineering
  • Pressure part calculation
  • Pressure part third party design check
  • Static calculation
  • Procurement
  • Production
  • Third party and quality inspection
  • Delivery
  • Assembling
  • Documentation

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